Koh Ker and Beng Mealea Temples

Phrasat Phrang pyramid

The town of Koh Ker is located 130 km to the north of Angkor. The town was founded in 921-941, in the reigning time of Jayavarman IV. In the ancient times, Kor Ker was called Chok Gardgiar and was the capital of the Khmer empire. The town occupied the area of 35 km2.

The town has a mystic history. According to historians, Jayavarman IV was obsessed with the demon Mara and proclaimed himself to be a god king. Having no inheritance rights to the Khmer throne, he killed all throne pretenders and got control into his hands. He is supposed to have done it by using a secret weapon that burnt enemies to ashes. Jayavarman IV started one of the most ambitious and large-scale architecture projects in the Khmer culture. No trustworthy information on the king's death and his burying place is available, though.

Phrasat Phrang pyramid is one of the most mysterious and ambitious buildings in Koh Ker. Located in Phrasat Phrang, it has seven tiers and rises 35 meters above the ground. The legend says that inside the pyramid, there is a well that serves as an entrance to hell. In the past, people used that entrance to make sacrifices to the deity Mara. Esoterics believe that the well serves as a passage between the world of the living and the world of demons.

The pyramid's form reminds of the ancient Aztec pyramids. The pyramid's sides are 60 meter wide and look at the four cardinal directions.

Forty meters away from the Angkor's main group of temples, there is Beng Mealea temple. Some scientists believe that it was built in 11th century and dedicated to Vishnu. However, the temple was later transformed to the Hindu temple. Here you can see numerous bas-reliefs featuring various Buddhist scenes.

Beng Mealea

The legend says that this temple's architecture was imitated by all subsequent Khmer kings that built their temple complexes. Indeed, Beng Mealea's architecture can be compared to a flawless mathematical formula. Built by using the "palace" method, it preserved in an excellent state. Only a few walls collapsed and grew with grass and trees. The temple reveals a fantastic sight.

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