Hang-glider flight over Angkor

Tourists are offered a unique opportunity to make a hang-glider flight over the Angkor temple complex. Fine weather is an indispensable condition for this one-passenger flight. Hang-glider is flown by an experienced US pilot.

A 20-minute flight over the temples of Rolous Group or the floating village and Phnom Krom costs $85.

For a 40-minute flight over Angkor Wat, Sra Srang, Pre Rup, East Mebon, Beantey Samrie, and Rolous, you will have to pay $140.

A 1-hour trip that includes visiting all temples and the floating village will cost you $245.

For every guest free bicycle rental for biking around town and around the temples
Unforgettable tour to Angkor Wat and other temples of the ancient city of Angkor

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