Phnom Kulen - Cambodia's sacred mountain, River of 1000 lingams, and Waterfall


Kulen Plato is the most sacred place in the entire Cambodia. For Cambodians, it has a special religious and historical meaning. At least once a year, every Cambodian makes a pilgrimage to the plato and the river.

Sanctity of this plato is explained by the legend that says that this is the place where the first Khmer empire was founded. The plato is crossed by the wide river of 1000 lingams ending with a sacred waterfall. People believe that swimming in the waterfall can bring you luck and strength of the ancient deities. Through transparent and clean water, on the bottom of the waterfall you can see symbolic images of Shiva, Vishnu with his numerous wives, and other Brahma deities. On the plato, the king Jayavarman II founded the first capital of the Khmer empire - the town of Mahendraparvata.

At its highest peak, the plato rises 487 meters above the sea level. Here, visitors can see the 8-meter statue of the Reclining Buddha carved out of a huge bolster in the 16th century. At the statue's feet, there stands the Buddhist monastery Preahangthom built in the 16th century. During the plato tour, tourists cross the bed of the unique river whose bottom has ancient lingams (phallic symbols) carved in it. Lingams go back to the times when the Indians came to this place. The river was given the name of "1000 lingams." Down the river, there is a waterfall. Swimming in the pool at its feet, you can relax and restore your strengths.

Lingam at the bottom of the river

Statue of Buddha lying


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