Preah Vihear Temple

Dedicated to the deity Shiva, Preah Vihear temple has a dramatic history. The temple is located on a stone ledge in the Dangrek mountain chain, at 657 meters above the sea level, not far from the border between Thailand and Cambodia.

From the final point of the itinerary, you can see a jungle carpet that covers the entire country. When the weather is fine, one can even see Phnom Kulen that is 100 km away. The temple was built by seven Khmer monks. The building started during the reign of Yasovarman and was finished during the reign of Suryavarman II. The building lasted almost three hundred years from 889 to 1150. The main sanctuary stands on the edge of the cliff, just a couple of meters from the precipice. Craftsmanship of Khmer architects is quite impressive. Behind the sanctuary, there is an observation platform from which you can descend to bas-reliefs.

For many years, Preah Vihear was a subject of the dispute between Cambodia and Thailand. Lack of a distinct border in this area gives ground to regular conflicts. The last one occurred in 2008, when UNESCO recognized the temple as a historical heritage site. In the past, such conflicts even resulted in armed clashes. Today, however, the situation is under control and tourists can feel totally safe. In December 2013, the international court assigned the rights to Preah Vihear to Cambodia.


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