Performance by "Smile of Angkor"

The Khmer theatre Smile of Angkor offers a magical laser show.

This impressive theatrical project consists of five parts that illustrate the history of the Angkor dynasty. You can see the history from the times when Angkor temples were built till our times.

Advanced light and sound technologies and professional artists will make the performance unforgettable.

Стоимость театрального представления (ужин в цену не входит).

An entrance ticket costs $30 (side seats) and $40 (seats in the centre). Price doesn't include dinner.

The show starts at 7.15 pm and ends at 8.25 pm.

Children under 1 meter are admitted free of charge (without a seat). Children from 1 to 1,4 meter have a 50% discount.

For every guest free bicycle rental for biking around town and around the temples
Unforgettable tour to Angkor Wat and other temples of the ancient city of Angkor

35% discount

When renting a room for a month or more

Free Wi-Fi each room